About Baltic Market


Baltic Market is a unique place where you can find high quality independent designers and international luxury brands from around the world.

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, the Baltic countries have been a bridge between Russia to the East and Scandinavia and the rest of Europe to the West, and it is this blend of cultures which makes this area of the world so unique. "Oppression" and "survival" are recurring themes which dominate the region's history. Yet through their history, each of the countries which boarder the Baltic Sea has maintained a strong sense of national and regional identity. Now proud members of both the European Economic Community (EEC) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the Baltic states are developing their economic and social fabric. With qualities such as high standards of education, resilience, adaptability and hard work, this region is now uniquely placed to blossom and prosper in the modern world.

Baltic Market started as a platform for an increasing number of independent designers and this will always be our prime focus. However, we live in an internationally connected world, bound together by a web of information super-highways, and any marketplace must first and foremost serve the needs of it's customers. So now Baltic Market has evolved to a much bigger concept which combines the many beautiful collections of hard-to-find independant designers and craftspeople, with high quality international luxury brands.

During the early part of 2016 we took over CreativeLatvia.com which was an e-marketplace featuring the collections of the independant fashion designers which had exhibited at Riga Fashion Week over the previous six years. This has been an enormous boost to our development and we are committed to building on the great work which Creative Latvia has pioneered to champion and help to develop independent fashion designers throughout all of the Baltic States and beyond.

Our unique combination of independent designers and international luxury is carefully curated to make our platform one of the most vibrant and exciting shopping experiences in Northern Europe.